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Jeffrey Thurston, DO

Deborah Woidtke, DO

Thomas Brady, MD

Jenny Varughese, MD

Mara Sheehan, MD

Bhavesh Patel, MD

Kanan Patel, MD

Jorn Kaevel, MD

Lusine Abrahamyan, MD

Karthik Mulkanoor, MD

Genevieve Dekiel, MD

Shavon Frankhouser, DO

Caleb Wagner, MD

Charlie Ware, MD

Rohit Chand, MD

Luiza Bdoyan, MD

Shilpa Bathini, MD

Scott Stiles, DO

Andrew Young, DO

Rasha Elhag, MD

Soaman Dizechi, DO

Jane Enneking, CNP

Zach Clouse, PA

Christine Emmel, CNP

Michelle Huffman, CNP

Alverna Hess-Bugh, PA

Dee Hite, CNP

Jessica Bernhard, CNP

Tyler Johnoff, CNP

Tiffany Hayter, PA

Sarah Baker, CNP

Aly Peddicord, CNP


Physicians of Columbus Inpatient Care would like to express our appreciation and gratitude for the oppurtunity to participate in your medical care



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